Blogging Carrot

What motivates you? What motivates your corporate bloggers to blog? You need to dangle the metaphorical or I guess perhaps actual blogging carrot in front of your bloggers. It’s OK to incentivize for setting goals and reaching them. Just make sure that the goals you set are measurable and impactful with an incentive that matches the value of the goals impact on your corporate blogging program.

corporate blogging carrotMeasure Your Corporate Blogging Goal

If you can’t measure the goal then it’s not really a goal – it’s just something that you think would be cool if it happened. You measure your online marketing activities right? If you don’t then measurement should be your new top priority. Make sure that you have a free analytic package installed on your blog at the very least. A basic analytics package will let you see where people are coming from and what they are engaging with once on your blog.

Make Sure Your Goal Creates Impact

Don’t just make the goal about reaching a number of posts. You can end up with crappy content this way. Make sure that the goals you set will help create and add value to your overall program.

Example of a great goal: Improve the read time on an individual’s blog posts by 5% over the course of the month. Increasing read time (aka engagement) should lead to an increased number of conversions on your corporate blog – thus improving your overall blogging ROI.

The Blogging Carrot Should Match the Impact

The value you provide your bloggers for reaching a goal needs to match the impact that reaching the goal has on your corporate blog. Harder goals to reach will require bigger carrots perhaps even real carats (a girl can dream right)!

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Just Admit It Already

Don’t lie. I know you’ve done it. We all have and should. No I’m not talking about picking your nose (come on now grow up) … I’m talking about Googling Yourself.HR View on Reputation Management

According to December 2009 research commissioned by Microsoft, only 29% of job seekers (in the US) are very/somewhat concerned with their online reputation, yet 79% of recruiters are reviewing candidates online reputation.

Yikes! What does this disparity mean to you? If you aren’t in the 29% that care then you need to be and if you are already concerned then take time to optimize your online reputation.

Take the time and see what your Google results say about you. One of my friends did not take the time to Google herself before a job interview for a company that focuses on search. Guess what her interviewer found? Her full name was used in a blog post that contained photos that she would have never wanted to share with a coworker. While it was an embarrassing situation for her it fortunately didn’t cost her the job. She was able to describe to the recruiter what measures she would take in order to clean up her online reputation and it actually helped her get the job!

What happens when I Google myself? My online reputation clearly communicates my accomplishments including some of my past corporate blogs, social profiles and social network content. My favorite item on my search results is a listing for Corporate Blogging for Dummies available in India.

I challenge you to Google yourself and take the time to clean up your online reputation.

References: Image & research commissioned by Microsoft prepared by Cross-Tab Marketing Services





Hello Blogosphere

Why is it that the first blog post is always the hardest to write?

Just like anything in life it takes practice to get good at something … to feel comfortable enough to be yourself. For me I have been in the marketing space working with companies to maximize the value of their online presence. I’ve had experience with everything from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops – the one brand I haven’t done a good job with is my own.

Chantelle Flannery
Brand ME, brand Chantelle, has been neglected.

After constantly being beaten down by peers it’s time that I make moves to building a stronger brand for myself. This blog is an attempt at just that. I also hope to supply my readers with sound marketing advice, creative ideas and practical way to measure and show return on your marketing investment.